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Get Your Head Around PunctuationiPad eBook
(and how to teach it!)

'Get Your Head Around Punctuation (and how to teach it!)' is now available as a digital download from For less than £9.75 ($14.99), you get everything that the hard copy has to offer, as well as easy access to downloadable, printable resources.

'Get Your Head Around Punctuation (and how to teach it!)' is the first in a series of digital releases of Alan Peat's books. To download a sample and purchase the eBook click here. Or visit to get the hard copy, as well as many other useful publications.

About 'Get Your Head Around Punctuation
(and how to teach it!)'

This new book, by leading international literacy expert Alan Peat, covers all punctuation marks in common English usage with a wealth of concrete, practical strategies for teaching five to sixteen year-olds. The book also includes Alan’s unique visual and physical reminders approach. Ideal for the busy classroom teacher.


House of CardsiPad eBook
(Not for children!)

"...Sometimes I wonder if that which absorbs us, a thing which becomes part of the fabric of our being, can ever be truly forgotten. We tear photographs into little pieces, burn tender letters and yet still, with every footfall and heartbeat, those we try to forget remain within us..."

A dead woman walks into the consulting room of an old doctor and his life is changed forever. She looks exactly as she did when he last saw her decades before. Why has she returned and what does she want from him?

As the story twists and turns and she gradually reveals her secrets he begins to realize that the Ca Dario, the most haunted house on the Grand Canal, lies at the centre of the tangled web of truths and half truths which also haunt him. He must unlock its past, a past that the ghost irrevocably draws him toward.

The novel is a chilling ghost story in the tradition of M.R. James. It's haunting conclusion will remain with you well beyond the final page.

Set in Venice, a city where the past and present constantly collide, The House of Cards is the first novel by Alan Peat, author of bestselling educational books and numerous art and design publications. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Arts and the Historical Association.

Click here to buy online.