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FREE Resources  //  Alternatives to Music in a Muslim school’s writing sessions

by Eiman Yousif

In recent years there has been an increasing realization that music helps to stimulate students' brains. This discovery has been adopted in the classroom to enhance pupils’ creativity and imagination during writing sessions. However, due to the fact that the use of music contradicts some Muslim schools' beliefs we endeavored to find a different approach.  
In our school, we used Nasheeds  (creative, religious  ‘songs -without music’) and CD’s of sounds from nature, which produce the same effect as popular music.

In reality, it is not the music which is so inspiring to the pupils, but the tranquil, serene, and soothing ambience that it provides. When endeavouring to invigorate the students using this mind-set, a number of prospective approaches can be used. These are detailed below.

We used ‘nature sounds’ in the classroom during writing sessions and noticed a great improvement in the students' creativity and writing as a whole. This is, most likely, due to its calming effect. Nature sounds, Quran recitation and Nasheed had the same outcome, resulting in inspired and innovative writing by the students.

Living in a world where new developments are constantly in discussion and application, we find it of utmost importance to retain our beliefs and adapt new pedagogic developments to fit our religion. Therefore, we continue to find new and different, interesting approaches to theories discovered throughout the world.
Here are some of the web sites I use in my class:        (I try to find those without music) 


Eiman Yousif, Med              
English Teacher
Sharjah, UAE